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About this Site
About this Site


    Commissioned by Mr.Tsung-Dao Lee,China Center of Advanced Science and Technology(CCAST) digitized his classic writings, and authorized Peking University Library to release them for public use.In Peking University Library,we have various advanced digital processing equipments and professional processing team,especially have plenty of related resources.For showing Mr.Tsung-Dao Lee's writings and academic standing better,We not only digitize nineteen his classic writings,but also collect and release news reports,research literature,pictures and videos related to Mr.Lee.We integrate all materials mentioned above ,and release them in the name of Tsung-Dao Lee Digital Library,so that the users who like and research Mr.Lee can search and access them conveniently.  

    This site is supported and maintained by Peking University Library.For any questions and comments,please contact Multimedia Department & Digitization and Data Center, Peking University Library.

    Location: Basement of the south wing of Peking University Library


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